The One Funnel Away Challenge Review. The Real Truth

The one funnel away challenge
The one funnel away challenge

In this One Funnel Away Challenge review, I`m going to answer some questions such as, what is the one funnel away challenge? is it really worth it? How much is it?

We’re gonna answer all these questions right in this article. We’re going be reviewing the One Funnel Away Challenge by ClickFunnels and Russel Brunson. I intend to make this post the most honest OFA review on the internet. As always, please go ahead and check my number 1 recommended online business, go ahead and share this post if you like it.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is kind of funny ’cause I don’t think a lot of people really understand what it was. ClickFunnels was pushing it and a lot of people liked the idea but, I don’t think everyone really fully understood what the challenge was, who was it for and basically, what it would do for them, okay? So, what is the challenge?

My one funnel away challenge review

The challenge is basically a 30-day challenge, where ClickFunnels takes Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Steven Larsen, basically, the top three faces of the company. The people that run, a lot of the company, build their Funnels, do their sales, et cetera.

And all three of them come together and they have created this challenge that takes you 30 days to do and by the end of it, your business should be completely ready to be profitable. Because you’ve got your Funnels up, you’ve got everything built online. Your online business is ready to be profitable.

All you’ve gotta do now is drive traffic and you can begin making money. So, that’s the idea behind the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Is this challenge for everyone?

To me, it’s for anybody that hasn’t hit the six-figure a year mark. Okay so, basically you’ve got this business idea, you know, you’ve gotten in this online business world and you really love the idea. But, you haven’t quite had it explode yet, right? Maybe there are pieces that you’re missing.

Maybe you don’t have the type of brain that can break everything down that you need to do to be successful, you know? Take the whole online success template and break it down into single steps. What the one funnel away challenge does so well is that this breaks your online business into steps.

This feeling of “well, how do I start?” The number one question I get. I guarantee it’s the number one question everyone asks. “How do I start, like I love what you’re talking about but, “you seem to be talking about a piece that’s here, you know, “that I’ve gotta have some things before that “and some things after it.” And everyone always talks about pieces so, the One Funnel Away Challenge is how do I start and it’s exactly step by step what do I do every step of the way to launch my online business.

Sales funneling, your product, your value ladder, your other products, I mean even, it was just so cool. I was reading through all the daily workbooks and things like that. It teaches you where to go and how to go to get graphic designers to build all the design of everything and where to go to get everything. It’s all there.

Who’s this for?

It’s for people that haven’t made six figures yet and would like to make six figures and just need to see the template. They need to see it broken down, okay? And it’s really cool ’cause it doesn’t really show you, it gives you assignments. It says today you need to do this. You’ve got 24 hours, today you need to do this. You’ve got 24 hours, okay, and it extends it over a 30 day period.

Now let me answer the second question…

How much is the one funnel away challenge?

Okay, it’s a hundred frickin’ bucks. That sounds like a lot but, wait. You`re just joining a challenge but, they’re giving you quite a bit for a hundred bucks? No, ClickFunnels is notorious because they sell a lot of high priced items and they provide a ton of value. And I’m not saying that the items aren’t worth that but, they technically sell their items for more than a hundred bucks. So, I’ve always found it unique that they’re selling the One Funnel Away Challenge for a hundred bucks.

$100 dollar

I’ve thought about it and actually talked and heard from Russell Brunson himself, talk about why they’re selling it for a hundred bucks and the reason is, it’s all based on ClickFunnels’ software. They want you to succeed, they want you to come into the ClickFunnels World and to make seven figures. That’s their whole goal because then you’ll stay with ClickFunnels.

So, they’ve created this win-win situation where, they’re gonna sell it for a hundred bucks, which is much cheaper than what we would typically sell something like this and you’re gonna be able to hopefully at the end of it, be able to create a seven-figure funnel. Then you’ll stay with ClickFunnels and then everybody is winning at that point.

So, is it worth it?

Yes, it’s absolutely worth it. In this OFA review, Let me kind of go over the stuff in there. I’m gonna open it up. I’ve already opened this so, this isn’t a true unboxing but, so the One Funnel Away Challenge is just a workbook actually, okay? It’s a workbook. Pretty basically simple but, it’s broken down. I don’t know how well you can understand this but, it’s broken down into single days, 30 days and each day has like five or six pages that go along with it.

It gives you URL’s to go to, it gives you video tutorials, so links that you can go to for video tutorials of what it’s talking about. So, it’s digital and also physical and then it gives you the opportunity to fill out things. It helps you think through your business and fill out exactly what you’re gonna do, okay? So, that’s the base of the One Funnel Away Challenge. But, they give so much more with that.

The next cool thing

The next cool thing that I freakin’ love is– The 30 Days book, okay? They sold this for a hundred bucks by itself when they launched it. And now you can only get it from the One Funnel Away Challenge. But, this book is about 30 people that have done a million dollars in sales online with ClickFunnels. Basically breaking down their exact strategy, okay?

They break down their Funnel, they break down their strategy, they break down everything, okay? And they break down, basically, how they would do it, what they do in 30 days. That’s why it’s called 30 Days. So, a ton of people have done a million dollars with Sales Funnels, showing you exactly their Funnels and how they would do it. That goes pretty well hand-in-hand with you as you try to figure out exactly how you’re gonna make a sales funnel that does six figures, right?

The challenge instructors

Learning from the gurus

one funnel away challenge instructors

For the price, can you believe what you’re getting? You’re getting 30 people that make a million dollars online and they’re showing you– they’re literally taking you inside of their business and showing you exactly how they would do it if they were gonna do the 30 day challenge.

Again,the next thing is this nifty little bugger right here. It’s an mp3 player, okay? So, as you can see, mp3 player. When they do this challenge, it’s not just you by yourself filling out this book.The challenge starts and it stops on specific dates and they actually have Russell Brunson teaching you and doing live coaching. They have Steven Larsen teaching you and doing live coaching with you. And Julia Stoian teaching you and doing live coaching.

So, you typically, with the group that you’re going through it with, you’re gonna get actual like, them working with you. Even better is this digital recording that you can watch at the gym and you do all that with the mp3 player. So you can just plug it in and run with it. Okay and look, the One Funnel Away Challenge just comes with this pretty nifty, pretty cool book or packaging.

They’ve kind of done everything really well this because I think ClickFunnels is really investing everything they have as One Funnel Away Challenge because they know that it’s the way to succeed. It’s the easiest way for all these new ClickFunnels users and even some of these intermediate ones that aren’t doing six figures yet to succeed.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Why are they giving away so much value for $100?

Why they’re putting all their eggs into this basket I think is because they want to help you succeed. Because in the end ClickFunnels will succeed as well, okay? And so, that’s why they’re selling it for a hundred bucks. That’s why they`re putting so much value into it.

Steven Larsen, right now, is doing a live coaching, I think it’s the fourth week he comes in and he helps you implement what you have learnt. He actually gets on and does live coaching with everyone that’s running through that round of the One Funnel Away Challenge. So, it’s awesome, if there’s anything you get out of thisone funnel away challange review, it’s that the One Funnel Away Challenge is awesome.

The book alone, the 30 Days book is worth it, the challenge itself is worth it. Having access to potentially ask questions to Steven Larsen, even Russell Brunson or Julia Stoian, totally worth it. Now, this is a link to the One Funnel Away Challenge. Obviously, I get compensated if you sign up through that link. But, guess what, I’ve also got a ton of free stuff for you in addition to this One Funnel Away Challenge.

Why should you register now?

As you can see, there’s a link right here. As a reward for registering for OFAC after redding this my in-depth one funnel away challenge review. This is where I offer you tons of free stuff including completely free, high-quality courses on how to do Sales Funnels, how to do the marketing. Basically a really beneficial addition as you’re doing the One Funnel Away Challenge.

I take you step by step in the video through my entire online marketing strategy and how I do it. I take you through exactly how to build Funnels, how I do it. So, very well hand-in-hand with this One Funnel Away Challenge and that’s totally free for people on my list. I think at this point there are six, seven maybe eight free courses.

There’s some free software coming. Tons of cool stuff for all those registering OFA (One Funnel Away) through my link
Thanks, guys. This is my honest one funnel away challenge review

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