Groove Funnels Review: The Real Truth

Groove funnels review
The honest review

In this groove funnels review, I will tell you the whole truth about groovefunnel.

But first, let me answer your questions. I know you have questions such as;

What is Groove funnels ?and how convenient could it be for me?

This is a review of the newly launched Groove funnels by Groove digital, to help put You through and enlighten you more on how you can use it to create a very convenient business platform for Yourself. You will learn all you need to know about all the features (like the Groovemail, Groove page, Groove sell, etcetera) and their functions.

It might interest you to know that Groove funnels have easy to use features, to help You manage Your business, your sales, and purchases, all from one account.

Before we begin this groovefunnel review proper, let’s get to meet the brains behind this great platform, Mike Filsaime and his group.

Who Designed Groove funnel?

Groove funnel was created by the founders of Groove digital(the parent organization) , having great minds like software creators or developers, online marketers and so on.

Mike Filsaime: Mike is the CEO Groove digital, he is a passionate digital marketer, speaker, author,  online marketing educator, and consultant. he has created(software ) tools and marketing tools like kartra before he left to make this product we are discussing.

John Cornetta: He is the president of Groove digital. He is a guru in the online business world and has worked alongside Filsaime to create shopify.

Mattijs Naus: The CTO Groove digital. Well knowledgeable in creating software for online business.

Matt Serralta :The COO Groove digital. He has a lot of experience in e-commerce from sales , executive operations and what not.

What is Groove funnel?

Groove funnel is a series of software applications created by Groove Digital, all collected together, to create sales funnel, websites, and to help you sell and purchase digital and physical products online.

Mike Filsaime explaining the groove platinum features

What features and tools does it offer?

Marketing tools to help you include:

✔️ Groove sell

✔️ Groove affiliate

✔️ Groove page

✔️ Groove webinar

✔️ Groove mail

✔️ Groove Blog

✔️ Groove Member

✔️ Groove video

✔️ Groove Desk

✔️ Groove calendar

✔️ Groove survey .


Groove Funnels review: What use are those features to me?

Below we will be discussing each of those tools mentioned above and also know how and what each of those tools are used.

Groove Pages: Groove Page helps you to create a website, funnels and Landing page. This is why I consider this one of the most important tool the Groove funnel offers.

It really exposes you and lets you connect to the people that will buy your products. You can sell your products, design check out options, create your brand website, and because you get exposed to a large audience, sale of your products could really shoot up.

You can always sell more of your products with groovepages than shopify or other conventional website methods.

Groovepages, for now, is Free, so you can sign up and have this great experience.

Groove affiliate: This tool helps you to adopt marketers that will help advertise your product if you want to. It helps You know and keep records of all the affiliates that are promoting your good or product and pay them through your dashboard.

Groove sell: Groove is like other shopping cart platforms, it is also free to sign up, and grants you access to unlimited products and funnel. It comes with great tools you can use to make Your business grow.

Groove mail: Groove mail come with features like HTML Emails, import leads, robust analytics.

Groove Member: it helps you sell your digital products online Or create online courses easily, using a membership website.

Groove webinar: it helps You to create and anchor webinars(seminars online) live and help you reply to all comments. It also lets you know how many viewed Your seminar through the Groove video.

Groove video: this feature can help You convert the video you can use as marketing tools, and let you share videos to social media.

Groove Desk: These features actually serve as customer care, and helps you receive or pay refunds to any member of Your membership site, which you might have using the Groove Member.

Groove survey: this feature helps You to get to know what your customers and product users think about Your products, and it a really fun way to interact with them.

This was just a little insight into what those features can do, as the saying goes, practice makes progress, so the more you use these tools  the more familiar you become with them .

How much is Groove funnel?

It offers a range of options for you to choose which one is more convenient and affordable for You.

Groove funnels platinum

Groove funnels Gold

Groove funnels silver.

Groove funnels silver: Even though this is the least of all the plan which goes for $99 per month, a lot of features comes with it like, Groove sell , Groove affiliate, Groove page pro

Groove funnels Gold: This plan goes for $199 per month. Accompanied with features like Groove mail, Groove blog, Groove Desk, Groove survey, Groove video, and all the features of the Silver plan.

Groove funnels platinum: This comes with features like Groove security, Groove webinars live, Groove kart, Groove webinar automated, and all the features that come with Gold plan. It goes for $1,397 for a lifetime access, which comes with 35% discount if you pay in full today.

groove funnels review
What people are saying about the funnel

Groove funnels review: What makes it stand out among others?

Groove funnels like other funnel builders like, click funnels, kartra, and others, has similar tools and can be used for the same purpose. But what really stood out for me is that it has all the tools in one place so you don’t have to spend extra cash purchasing external or third-party tools.

This is one thing that specifically blew me and attracted me to Groove funnels. You should really give it a go. Check it out here

I believe I have been able to give you an insight of Groove funnel in this groove funnels review, don’t let your doubts make you miss out of this great opportunity that has come,(Lifetime platinum access is ending anytime from now).

For starters you can try the Groove sell and Groove page which are now Free to sign up. It is really convenient for you and a great place for your products, creating funnels and optimized website is now a must for aspiring successful netpreneurs, finding all tools you need in one account is something you don’t see every day. And those tools are very easy to use.

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