Top 10 Affiliate marketing networks you can make money from Faster

Do you want to know the top 10 affiliate marketing networks you can make money from, online? You are in the right place.

top 10 affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is another means of boosting your monthly income as a blogger, or from your website. You can serve as a gateway for another website, especially ones that sell, and you will be paid a certain percentage, from sales they make from every referral, from your website. It all depends on your terms and agreement with them.

Before we mention some of the best affiliate marketing networks to choose from ( which is what you are here for), especially as a beginner, let’s discuss what affiliate marketing is. The opportunities it has presented or created, and the types we have.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing, were a person (called an affiliate) is paid a commission by a business or company, from the sales made to people he or she advertised their products to. Affiliates program is something that has really revolved, and bloggers out there are taking the opportunity, to increase their monthly income.

If you are just hearing about this, there is no point feeling bad cause it is never too late to dive into it and tap from those great affiliates programs.

How do I go about it?

It quite easy to go into affiliate marketing.


  • Look for an affiliate program that suits you (we would be helping you out with that decision below)
  • Look for products you know your audience needs and promote
  • Have unique links for all products
  • As a blogger, you can use your blog posts to promote your affiliate products

And for every product any of you audience purchase using the link, you will be paid a certain percentage.

There are so many Affiliate marketing networks out there you can choose from. we would be helping you make that choice as we have listed 10 out of so many. We feel these 10 stands out among others.

  1. ShareASale

2. CJ (commission junction)

3. LeadPage

4. eBay

5. Amazon

6. Shopify

7. WPengine

8. Click Bank

9. Rakuten

10. BlueHost

Affiliate marketing networks #1: ShareASale

Shareasale affiliate network
source: Shareasale

ShareASale is one of the top affiliate marketing networks out there. It has been around for about 18years. Having more than 3,900 merchants from which you can choose whoever you want to work with.

They provide varieties of products to choose from, which you can promote to your site visitors generating revenue for yourself.

One major thing that made ShareASale stand out is the payment option. ShareASale pays affiliates with more than $50 account balance on the 20th of every month.

#2: Commission junction

source: Cjaffiliate

CJ affiliate marketing network is one of those affiliate programs that have been around for a while and really stood the test of time. They have different products you can choose to promote, and also have tools to help boost your sales, thereby increasing your income. They also help you keep track of all your links and observe how they are doing.

#3: LeadPage

Leadpage affiliate program
Source: Leadpages

With Lead Pagez and all the tools it offers, creating website, and webpage can be done in no time. One thing that really got me, is that they pay a 30% commission from what the person you referred spends. So the more he /she spends, the higher your commission becomes.

Affiliate marketing Networks#4: eBay

Source: eBay

eBay affiliate marketing networks is another one you will want to consider. with more than 1.2 billion listings, You can use their tools to promote any listing you want, and get your commissions for every sale. They make available everything you need to know about a product You are promoting. They have a very good customer support so you can be sure to get all the help you need, if any problem arises.

#5 Amazon Associate

amazon associate affiliate network

with Amazon, you can never run out of options. They have a wide range of products you can choose from, with certain promotions they offer during the festive period. Signing up for an amazon associate account is free of charge.

Top affiliate marketing programs #6: Shopify

Sopify affiliate
Source: Shopify

Shopify provides a very good platform for sellers who run businesses online. As one of the best e-commerce software out there, used by tons of sellers, their affiliate program is one you might want to consider.  Affiliates are paid a commission for every retailer or business person that joins Shopify through their referral link.


source: Wpenginge

It might interest you to know that with WPengine, you can get paid for referring their products or services to customers, and can also get paid for referring affiliates. They allow you to promote their hosting service to your site visitors, with a$200 commission for every sale made, through your referral.

#8: ClickBank

clickbank affiliate network

Clickbank makes the decision very simple for you. With lot of products, you can choose from to promote. They have an interface that lets you know what product is on high demand, and you will know how much you can get from each product you promote.

Clickbank is the elephant in the house when it come to affiliate marketing networks for digital products.

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#9: BlueHost (Top hosting affiliate program)

As one of the top hosting providers, Bluehost offers an affiliate program that is free to sign up for. You get paid, anytime your audience register for any of their services using your link.

Top Affiliate marketing program #10: Rakuten


Rakuten has a large range of  products to Choose from, you can promote which ever one you want , and it really makes things easy for you with tools in a dashboard to help you surfing smooth.

Wrapping Up

Am sure you know Patience and endurance are virtues you really need to have as an affiliate (especially a beginner). You don’t expect to go into it today, and by Tomorrow you are cashing out a big sum of money.

And you should also know that the products you promote are not things you like, but what your target audience wants. So you need to know what your audience wants and give them exactly that. I wish you well as you venture into this great business. It is not something you need to have very deep tech knowledge, some of the programs are very easy and simple to set up.

Now tell me in the comment box below, which affiliate network(s) did I miss in the top 10 affiliate marketing networks?

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